Santa Fe 500 Auto Tour - 2016

September 26 - 28th 2016

Following on the success of our famous 2015 Santa Fe 500 Auto Tour, your organizers, Paul & Bob, of the soon-to-be-famous
2016 Santa Fe Auto Tour, are excited to announce the event plans.

Hotel selection for the Tour has been finalized. Entering the 2016 Santa Fe 500 is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.

1. Go to the following link and read the 2016 Santa Fe 500 Tour Synopsis, then

2. Print the Waiver Form, sign and date, then,

3. Print the Entrant Form and mail the completed Entrant and Waiver Forms with payment to the indicated address.

We recommend attending the fabulous Santa Fe Concorso, September 23, 24, and 25 on the days before
you join us for the 2016 Santa Fe 500 Tour.

Mark your calendars,
The Santa Fe 500 is coming to a byway near you,
September 26th-28, 2016.

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